Make-up Basics with Mae Ann Cortez

A couple of weeks back, me and a couple of fellow lady bloggers got the chance to be invited for a Basic Make-up Workshop with one of Davao's finest make-up artists, Mae Ann Cortez. She got her diploma for makeup artistry from no less than Los Angeles' Cinema MakeUp School and has been working professionally for numerous projects both within the city and outside of it. She was also a part two events from California, the LA Rocks Fashion week and Supastar Clothing Fashion Week last year.

the guru's enormous make up set

Being self taught in cosmetics, it's a great pleasure for me to be guided by an expert like her. There will always be something new to learn where applying make-up is concerned. It was especially helpful that the workshop focused on getting that daily make-up look. I like the fact that the speaker believes in using cosmetics as a tool for enhancing, as opposed to changing our appearance.

bloggers during the workshop

Couple of points that stuck in my head from the workshop...
  • Get a good canvass ready. This basically means to cleanse, tone, moisturize the face properly before applying make-up. For some, part of getting the face prepped up also includes medicating. And, if you're to be out in the sun, protect with sunscreen. Remember though, that if you are to be photographed, the area that has been applied with sunscreen would appear lighter than the rest. The higher the SPF, the lighter the skin will be. So if you would do makeup for photoshoots done outdoors, always consider this. 
  • Identify skin conditions first selecting makeup. It is important to know whether your skin is dry or oily before choosing the type of cosmetics you would use. Those with dry skin may opt for liquid foundation while those having the oily type could use compact foundation.
  • When doing contours and highlights, identify the face shape first.
  • Be sure to test cosmetics on your skin first before purchasing them.
  • Clean makeup tools(brushes, sponges, etc) regularly to prevent bacteria from developing in there and getting into your face.

bloggers pose after the workshop

me and Ms. Cortez

These and other things were what I learned from the worhsop. It was indeed a night of ..hmmm..beautiful knowledge(if you will). Thanks to Ms. Cortez for sharing her expertise and to Olan and Leah for organizing the event.

More on the makeup expert and this event in the May 14 Lifestyle section of Mindanao Times.

Secrets of the Make-up Wand, Times' May 14 Lifestyle Sec.

Ms. Cortez will be conducting a 2-day make-up workshop this coming June! There are limited slots so hurry and contact her if you wish to be a part of it. See item below for more details.



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