Rusty Lopez Gladiator Wedge: Comfy and Chic

Rusty Lopez
 Gladiator Wedge
Rusty Lopez is a shoe brand that I grew up to. During high school days, the only black pairs I would wear to school was of this brand. I was always kind of restless as a student and so with me going in and out of the campus, I had to have shoes with a high level of "stamina", if you may.

One of my recent finds is a Rusty Lopez Gladiator Wedge, which I wore to the Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary party last Saturday. I can't help but be amazed at how comfortable I felt during the whole event. I do not remember NOT going home from evening parties with my feet crying out loud from blisters or soreness. Most of the stylish shoes and sandals nowadays, at least ones I've owned, usually do poorly in the convenience department. But with this 3-inch pair of gladiator wedge that has silver straps and very lightweight, wooden-designed soles, one can do the catwalk around every single hallway of a reception or even run around the whole building and still not get a single blister. Its shiny straps with a sort of snake-skin texture will help rock your outfit any day. It's incredible! I love these new pairs! Below is a shot of me with the Rusty Lopez glads on.
me wearing my Rusty Lopez glads during the Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary

A Quick, Pampering Trip to Hairs and Nails Salon & Spa

My scalp was shouting for redemption earlier this morning. I felt uncomfortable with it and I saw some flakes falling. As usual, my hair is giving a signal to switch to another shampoo, yet again. It happens to me once in a while. And whenever it does, I would hit the salon for a nice and relaxing hair spa.

Coincidentally, I was invited to the Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary celebration(which was a blast!) at the Royal Mandaya Hotel last Saturday together with fellow bloggers Grace, Alma, Ria, Tessa, and the rest of the gang. They gave all the guests gift certificates and I first picked "Facial", but Alma wanted to switch with her Hair Spa certificate. And so, right after my 8 to 5, I went straight to their Duterte branch for a quick and pampering beauty break. But before that, here we were during the Saturday event..

Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary Celebration
Back to the present...

So yeah I got there and was having my nails done while the spa treatment was being applied to my hair. This isn't the first time that I've tried out Hairs and Nails' hair spa service. What I love best from it is the massage! More than beautifying, this also needs to be relaxing at the same time. I got exactly those two as I was treated to around 20 minutes of head massage before and after the steaming of my treated hair strands. Not all salons that I've tried getting a hair spa from give me this long a massage. It was aweeesome. So much so that I decided to get a foot reflex as well. I would have opted for a full body but I couldn't risk ending up sleeping early tonight as I have a bunch of things to do, so. :)
The one who gave me a foot spa was really good too. I forgot to get her name! I hope they listed that out. I'll come looking for her when I get another foot reflex. I find it quite incredible how I could get both a massage and a hair treatment in a single place. It's very convenient for someone like me who happens to be looking for some quick pampering.

And so I walked home with my feet a little slimy from the cream used during the foot spa. They kept sliding off my peep toes but I was nonetheless elated. Those two hours at Hairs and Nails were hours well-spent. Here I was, as soon as I got home from H&N a couple of hours earlier...

me luvin the hair spa effect. Many thanks to Hairs and Nails Salon and Spa

Gotta Luv My New Victoria's Secret Garden Gift Set

Victoria's Secret products have got to be one of the most well-loved pasalubongs given by balikbayan Pinoys to their loved ones at home. Such is the case with my new Victoria's Secret Garden gift set given by my cousin from Las Vegas.

Its packaging is so cute! It breaks my heart that I have to use it. Too freaking colorful and chic. 

The gift set contains a pair of lotion and body mist for three scents - Pure Seduction, Amber Romance, and my ever favorite Love Spell.

Thanks to my cousin for bringing me this enormously beautiful Victoria's Secret gift set. :)

Victoria's Secret Garden Collection Gift Set

Promod and Parfois now in Abreeza Davao

May 12 was a great day for fashion enthusiasts around Davao as two European brands, Parfois and also Promod, opened in the city's newest shopping hub, Abreeza, which also had its soft opening on the same day.

What you'll find in Parfois are mainly bags, shoes, watches and other accessories. I spotted a bunch of eye-catching items but it's their watches that I especially love! Here are a few shots I took in the shop.

Promod has tops, jackets, pants, and shoes that are not only stylish but also extremely comfortable to wear. Also a part of their collection are bags and accessories that anyone would love. Whether you're going for smart casual, or are looking to jazz up your usual jeans ensemble, you'll find what you want here.

As part of their opening activities, Promod and Parfois invited bloggers to take part in their "Bloggers Style for a Day" led by their Marketing Services Manager, Ms. Joanna Estrada. Me, Tessa, Ria, Brendel, and winners during this event Karla and Melody, were grouped into two and got into styling each other for around an hour and a half using clothes and accessories from both shops. It was a fun! We were all honored and delighted to share in the excitement of their launch.

Here we were in our final getup for the event

Make-up Basics with Mae Ann Cortez

A couple of weeks back, me and a couple of fellow lady bloggers got the chance to be invited for a Basic Make-up Workshop with one of Davao's finest make-up artists, Mae Ann Cortez. She got her diploma for makeup artistry from no less than Los Angeles' Cinema MakeUp School and has been working professionally for numerous projects both within the city and outside of it. She was also a part two events from California, the LA Rocks Fashion week and Supastar Clothing Fashion Week last year.

the guru's enormous make up set

Being self taught in cosmetics, it's a great pleasure for me to be guided by an expert like her. There will always be something new to learn where applying make-up is concerned. It was especially helpful that the workshop focused on getting that daily make-up look. I like the fact that the speaker believes in using cosmetics as a tool for enhancing, as opposed to changing our appearance.

bloggers during the workshop

Couple of points that stuck in my head from the workshop...
  • Get a good canvass ready. This basically means to cleanse, tone, moisturize the face properly before applying make-up. For some, part of getting the face prepped up also includes medicating. And, if you're to be out in the sun, protect with sunscreen. Remember though, that if you are to be photographed, the area that has been applied with sunscreen would appear lighter than the rest. The higher the SPF, the lighter the skin will be. So if you would do makeup for photoshoots done outdoors, always consider this. 
  • Identify skin conditions first selecting makeup. It is important to know whether your skin is dry or oily before choosing the type of cosmetics you would use. Those with dry skin may opt for liquid foundation while those having the oily type could use compact foundation.
  • When doing contours and highlights, identify the face shape first.
  • Be sure to test cosmetics on your skin first before purchasing them.
  • Clean makeup tools(brushes, sponges, etc) regularly to prevent bacteria from developing in there and getting into your face.

bloggers pose after the workshop

me and Ms. Cortez

These and other things were what I learned from the worhsop. It was indeed a night of ..hmmm..beautiful knowledge(if you will). Thanks to Ms. Cortez for sharing her expertise and to Olan and Leah for organizing the event.

More on the makeup expert and this event in the May 14 Lifestyle section of Mindanao Times.

Secrets of the Make-up Wand, Times' May 14 Lifestyle Sec.

Ms. Cortez will be conducting a 2-day make-up workshop this coming June! There are limited slots so hurry and contact her if you wish to be a part of it. See item below for more details.

Brazilian Blowout: Hollywood's Hottest Hair Treatment Comes to Davao

I was planning to get my second hair rebond session. Incidentally, I got an invite from Ria to try out the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment, which is very similar to any other hair straightening products that is out in the market, only it ultimately concentrates on making the hair frizz-free and super shiny more than anything. Also, the hair wouldn't have that sort of strong smell unlike it usually does after other straightening chemicals are applied on it. The thing that happens to your hair with the rebonding process is that it could get really dry over time especially if you don't regularly maintain it with smoothening treatments. That's exactly what happened to my hair. It underwent hair rebond about a year ago. And with little maintenance, it became dry and extremely frizzy and unmanageable. So you could just imagine my delight when I got that invite to be one of the very first to try out the Brazilian Blowout Hair Treatment here in Davao!

The first thing I did was find out what the treatment was about. I learned that this is in fact the hottest hair treatment in Hollywood nowadays. It's been out for a couple of years now and Envy Me Salon as well as Hairs and Nails Salon are the first to offer this in the Philippines! Here's a peek at this hair straightening, rather, hair smoothening frenzy from Hollywood's E! Entertainment...

While I was at the salon, my hair was first washed with a specially formulated Brazilian Blowout Anti-Residue shampoo. This was in preparation for the actual solution. After they had it shampooed, the stylists towel-dried my hair and applied the Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatment through each section of it. This is the main part of the treatment and it is the one that would allow my hair to be smooth and frizz-free. The next part was blowing my hair dry and ironing it to sort of seal the solution into each strand and let it stay. After then, it was washed, conditioned, towel-dried, and was applied with the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum to further seal the cuticle. Those were all done right before the final blow dry. Before I knew it, I was looking at the mirror with a hair that was incredibly shiny and not at all dry! I could hardly believe that I was looking at the same hair that had looked so unmanageable two hours earlier! It took about two hours to do the whole thing. Unbelievable!
this is me, a day after the treatment

This was one of the grandest days I have ever spent in a salon! Thanks to Envy Me Salon and its very accommodating owners the Congson family.

The Brazilian Blowout hair treatment will be officially available in Envy Me and Hairs and Nails Salon starting this Thursday by appointment only.

You may reach them at...

Envy Me Salon

Mezzanine Floor, Gaisano South CitiMall, Ilustre Street, Davao City
(082) 305.9318

Hairs and Nails Salon

Gov. Duterte St., Davao City
(082) 395.3401

Basic make-up workshop at True Scents and Minerals

Last Sunday(Jan. 16), me and two other blogger friends had the opportunity to attend the basic make-up workshop at True Scents and Minerals.

We were happy to be referred by Ria to the workshop. Alma, Darlene and I were taught some basic stuff by Ate Bunny Sy, owner of True Scents and Minerals, who was so generous to open her doors to us for a workshop even on a Sunday!

The techniques for basic makeup application that were taught in the workshop are very useful for everyday wear. We all got to learn a few essential things we never really knew about makeup selection and usage. I personally have been using cosmetics for some time now but I didn't know that it is very important to first determine what your undertone is before purchasing any products for your face. Maybe I've been lucky all these years for being able to pick the right makeup, or at least the ones that look okay on me. At least now I'll know how to choose makeup that truly is compatible with my skin.

So aside from learning about your undertone, there are also other points to remember such as:
  • Make sure to have a clean and moisturized face before applying makeup
  • Conceal flaws such as pimple marks and blemishes using the right concealer
  • Use a good foundation as a base (stay with the shade that's right for your undertone)
  • When applying different shades of eyeshadow, make sure to blend it with a blending eye brush to avoid seeing awkwardly lined colors on your lids
We were also made aware of the difference between Mineral makeup and the traditional talc-based products that are most commonly used. I have been using mineral makeup for a few months now and I've seen how well it works on my skin. In the next few posts I'll be sharing some points on this emerging line of cosmetics and how it would benefit users in the long-term. There's a lot to tell!

For now, I just wanna give a shoutout to Ate Bunny for being so generous to girls in Davao like us, and for introducing us to more beautiful possibilities of looking AND feeling good with the basic make-up workshop she gave us. Thank you, Ate for a fabulous Sunday! :D

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