The Kikay in Me

When Ria and Brendel brought a few lady bloggers a few weeks ago for a little get-together, I asked myself why I never thought of creating this blog before. Haven't I been a fan of fashion and kikayness for the longest time?LOL!

One of my earliest memories of being kikay dates back to about 17 years ago. An aunt from the States sent my mom an entire set of Estée Lauder makeup. It was an enormous set with blusher, four-palette eyeshadow, mascara, nail polish, etc. I was so mesmerized by it. I used to sneak inside the room to take that huge make-up box out from the closet. I wanted to grow up faster so I could start using those colorful thingamajigs. Talk about early signs of "kikayness"!

My fascination for fashion and cosmetics grew as the years went by. Supposedly, I wasn't allowed to use anything heavy until I turned 18. But in high school, I had an excuse - Glee Club! Having to be in front of people, we were, of course, required to look decent. The pre-performance make-up sessions were always great bonding moments with my girl (and boy) glee-mates.

Apart from cosmetics, I’m also very much into sunglasses, shoes, hair! 

Sunglasses. When I was in high school, I had an excessive hankering for shades. I still have that kind of gusto until this day. I cannot count the number of pairs that were once in my possession. Sadly, I lost a few of them. Some were left at fitting rooms in malls, some at restaurants, etc. I do have a few pairs I still enjoy now, though. I just love sunglasses! Not only do they protect my slightly blind (God forbid) eyes from the tropical sun, they also add that element of enigma to my getup.

Shoes. I particularly have this "subtle" obsession for cheap and chic shoes. One time I bought 3 pairs in just one day! Couldn't blame me though! They were all fabulously on sale.
Fashion doesn't have to be expensive. But then, most of us have proven that already. I simply try and find the right places to give me stuff that nurture the kikay in me.

My hair. I used to have wavy hair during my early years. Even though I was a mere grader, I was a kikay at heart, and having unmanageable hair was a constant exasperation. Being a kid, I didn't know of hair relaxants or other "remedies" to my dilemma. I found out about the latter during my late high school days and got my first hair relax treatment at Hairs and Nails Salon. I was in total euphoria after bidding my messy hair goodbye. It surely did a lot in boosting my self-confidence.

It’s fun being a girl! Kikay blogs like Shoppingera, Get Prettefied, and KikayMuch prove that statement. I’m glad I have this new blog as an arena to express the kikay in me and how much fun it could be.

My Own Skin Food BB Cream

I was first introduced to Blemish Balm or BB Creams when Ria and Brendel brought lady bloggers together for a little kikay get-together some few weeks ago. I was then with Grace, Ate Joyce, Leah, and Alma. While we were at TLC Shop Fab Finds, they made me try out a Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB cream (Shade #1). I was too close to the mirror to notice, but as I put on the BB Cream, everyone who was there said there was a difference to the way my skin looked.
(Me trying out the Peach Sake Pore BB Cream. Photo Credits.)

(Davao Lady Bloggers[L-R]: Alma, Ria, Grace, Me, Joyce, Brendel, Leah. Photo Credits.)

Anyways, last Sunday, Ria, Brendel, Ate Joyce and I went to TLC Shop again. This time I got me my own Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream of shade #2. It's my second day of using it and I could clearly see the difference each time I apply it on my face. It takes just a small amount of the bb cream to give me full coverage. I like that it acts not only as my make-up base but also as my sunscreen and as an effective concealer. I currently use it with my favorite Pond's Rosy Beige powder. The two are a great combo for my daily look. I intend to experiment in using it with other powders and foundation too so I could see which one works best for me.

According to Health Tips Directory, BB creams are said to have been used as a treatment for patients who underwent laser skin surgery. Beauty companies then discovered that they have excellent results to patients using them. With this, they made it as an addition to their line of beauty products and made it available for all.

(My very own Skin Food Peach Sake Pore BB Cream)

You gals should definitely try it out!

5 Calming Drinks According to Yahoo!

I logged in on my Yahoo! Messenger and the famous Y! Insider popped it's usual good morning headlines. One particularly interesting title caught my eye - 5 Drinks That Calm You.

The five drinks mentioned are milk, hot cocoa, black tea, green tea, cold water.

I particularly like the 5th item, which said -

Drink a glass of cold water, then go for a walk outside. The water gets your blood moving and the air invigorates by stimulating the endorphins that de-stress you.

I never knew drinking a glass of cold water could actually help in de-stressing. But now that I know of it, I might make it a habit each night whenever the to-do list isn't getting any shorter and the night isn't young.

Beauty Tips iPhone app for the on-the-go kikay

Eye Care Tip: A slice of raw potato can be placed under your eyes to reduce dark circles

Eyebrows Tip: Your eyebrow should start right above the inner corner of your eye, peak at the outer corner of your iris, and curves down towards the end.

Wouldn't it be cool to have those beauty and fashion do's and don'ts right at your fingertips? The Beauty Tips iPhone app gives you exactly that and more.

Beauty Tips gives you about a hundred tips for your kikay needs. The one I have right now, in particular, is an eye makeup tip. It says "when applying an eyeliner, start from the inside corner of your eye and work outwards."

See screenshots below for more kikay-ness tips:

Got me cheap and chic new shoes

I have always been a huge huge huge fan of shoes! I think it's fair to say that this is the one thing in fashion that I'm most obsessed about. I have an absurd addiction to one point in the early part of my post-baccalaureate months, I would buy pairs of shoes around 3-4 times in every 2 months...that's a lot more than what I need! Also, the shoe-filled five-layer rack in my apartment is a visual proof of the addiction. LOL!

I am particularly into high heels. Back in college, and up to the early post-graduation days, my daily wear was always the 3- or 4-inched ones that, more often than not, give you blisters. I don't know how I put myself through all the uncomfy-ness of it all but I did...for the love of fashion. LOL!
The most recent pair of heels I bought is this one right here...

The last pair I bought was from last month - this 3-inch Feretti, which costs Php399. I always go for the affordable ones.

This has rarely been used as I have been opting for the more comfy heels that are actually lower than my usual pairs. Like the ones you'll see now. I bought them just today at SM...latest additions to my rack...

A 2-inch Chelsea pair

A 2-inch CTWalk peep toe

I luv em new pairs :) Can't wait to wear 'em ^.^

Subtle and Fabulous

I have always been a fan of fashion. Although I don't shop and dress up that much, I always find me fascinated with the aesthetic quality that fashion brings to humankind.

I have a subtle taste in fashion and cosmetics. I prefer not the flashy clothes and elaborate makeup that attracts too much attention but rather the faintly pleasant ones that do not cover up the essence of me. I may choose to be a bit adventurous, at certain times though, especially if it's called for. But at most times, the former is a higher preference.

Whenever there is time to, I would look around and see what's affordable, comfy and fab all at once. This blog and all of you will be a witness to that. :)

Au revoir!

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