A Quick, Pampering Trip to Hairs and Nails Salon & Spa

My scalp was shouting for redemption earlier this morning. I felt uncomfortable with it and I saw some flakes falling. As usual, my hair is giving a signal to switch to another shampoo, yet again. It happens to me once in a while. And whenever it does, I would hit the salon for a nice and relaxing hair spa.

Coincidentally, I was invited to the Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary celebration(which was a blast!) at the Royal Mandaya Hotel last Saturday together with fellow bloggers Grace, Alma, Ria, Tessa, and the rest of the gang. They gave all the guests gift certificates and I first picked "Facial", but Alma wanted to switch with her Hair Spa certificate. And so, right after my 8 to 5, I went straight to their Duterte branch for a quick and pampering beauty break. But before that, here we were during the Saturday event..

Hairs and Nails 23rd Anniversary Celebration
Back to the present...

So yeah I got there and was having my nails done while the spa treatment was being applied to my hair. This isn't the first time that I've tried out Hairs and Nails' hair spa service. What I love best from it is the massage! More than beautifying, this also needs to be relaxing at the same time. I got exactly those two as I was treated to around 20 minutes of head massage before and after the steaming of my treated hair strands. Not all salons that I've tried getting a hair spa from give me this long a massage. It was aweeesome. So much so that I decided to get a foot reflex as well. I would have opted for a full body but I couldn't risk ending up sleeping early tonight as I have a bunch of things to do, so. :)
The one who gave me a foot spa was really good too. I forgot to get her name! I hope they listed that out. I'll come looking for her when I get another foot reflex. I find it quite incredible how I could get both a massage and a hair treatment in a single place. It's very convenient for someone like me who happens to be looking for some quick pampering.

And so I walked home with my feet a little slimy from the cream used during the foot spa. They kept sliding off my peep toes but I was nonetheless elated. Those two hours at Hairs and Nails were hours well-spent. Here I was, as soon as I got home from H&N a couple of hours earlier...

me luvin the hair spa effect. Many thanks to Hairs and Nails Salon and Spa



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